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Supporting Westminster Park


To provide improved resources for the residents of Westminster Park.


To provide opportunities among all residents;  including youth, families and seniors.


To encourage volunteerism, leadership and community pride.


The Neighbourhood Resource Association of Westminster Park (NRAWP) is a community based volunteer organization made up of Westminster Park residents.  We strive to bring programs and services to the neighbourhood for all residents;  both directly and through partnerships with other agencies. 

Area Served:

Westminster Park has a population of about 15,000 individuals, based on the last census.  Our service area is defined as being within the square formed by Wellington Road, Commissioners Road, the CN rail line and Bradley Road.


Since 2004:

NRAWP began in 2002 as a group of residents who wanted more local programs and services in the Westminster Park area for their children.  In January 2004, this group was enlarged, reorganized and formalized to become the Neighbourhood Resource Association of Westminster Park.
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