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NRAWP hosts a variety of programs throughout the year that change with the needs and wants of the community! Youth programs are offered during school breaks, after school, PD days, and the summertime. It is our goal to offer these programs free of charge but at times may charge a small fee, dependent on the activity. All Westminster residents are invited to attend! 

Westminster Breakfast Club

The Westminster Breakfast Club serves a nutritious breakfast to elementary students from Wilton Grove Public School and St. Francis Catholic School.


This program runs every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday when the schools are open!

Come drop-in, no registration required!

7:45 - 8:45am

Westminster Optimist Centre

650 Osgoode Drive, 519-680-0991


Reasons for children & youth to come:

  • Our house was busy and we didn't have time to make breakfast

  • I was not hungry when I woke up

  • I do not want to eat alone

  • My favourite breakfast was not available this morning

  • I need a quiet place to start my day

Youth Programs

We offer youth programs Monday to Thursday for kids 11-14 years of age, throughout the summer!


All programs are organized and supervised by our NRAWP Youth Leader and Assistants.  

To register email:

or call (519) 680 0991.


Here is a chance for youth; ages 14+, to create events and make decisions for their community. Mature elementary and high school students join together to make positive changes in their community. Our youth develop and grow from learning important skills such as leadership, organization, commitment while giving back to others.


All youth council members earn volunteer hours which is a great way to reach their 40 hours and it looks great on their resume!


Please join us and have a positive impact on your lives and on your community! 


JOIN US ON MONDAYS 5:30-6:30 pm!

For questions or to register, email:

or call (519) 680 0991.

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